5 New Habits for a More Peaceful Day

Well, Here I Am Again

About every month I find myself needing to take a step back. I’m locked into achiever-mode or knee-deep in stress over just about everything. I can’t begin any projects and I can’t finish any projects. I try to find relaxation in watching Netflix or “getting ahead” on this blog.

But I never get ahead, and I’m usually, always the problem. I put myself into this unsustainable limbo of start and finish, of peace and restlessness.

And school this semester is pretty much over for me. Like, I have nothing going on. So what’s my deal?

The List

Every month I usually break out my unicorn notebook and make a tiny graph. It’s a simple exercise that I call More and Less. Each More usually corresponds to a similar Less:

  • I need a more positive attitude, when around others and when directed towards myself.
  • I need to create more, rather than organize the things that are already in front of me.
  • I need to search for new music, like I did in high school. I would like that rabbit hole over checking for clothing sales online, spending less money and time with things I can’t afford at the moment.
  • I need to put a book in my hand rather than my phone.
  • I need to commit to the mornings. I just need to get out of bed. I need to stop beginning my mornings with Instagram, with other peoples’ lives.

I have been stressing myself out. And it’s really unnecessary. We weren’t made to be stressed, anxious, or unrested. We were made to be at peace, whole, and assured.

We don’t have to live in the brokenness of ourselves. We can choose to just not.

Now Your Turn

So, what do you need more of and less of in your life? Brainstorm and make a short list of your own.


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1 Comment

  1. I feel you, girl. Instagram in the morning is really not a peaceful start for me either…and yet I do it almost every day! But on the bright side, it led me to your blog this morning 🙂


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