Weekday Date Ideas Series: Go to the Movies

Waiting to Date Until the Weekend

Weekdays can often feel rushed: rushed to work, to lunch. to home. Rushed to relaxed. Rushed to go to sleep. Rushed to enjoy practically everything.

And I often feel that if I haven’t enjoyed anything today, then today was a total failure.

We “work for the weekend,” and it often feels like our culture promotes the idea of dating primarily on Friday and Saturday nights.

But the reality is that weekends can be expensive. Especially if you go to the movies.

So, what do we do about Monday-Thursday? We can surely enjoy those days with our spouse or close friends, too. We can acknowledge that there are other options on how to spend our weekday nights other than coming home to watch Netflix, or Cops like Mark and I do, until it’s time to go to bed, when we scroll on our phones for about an hour. (Not like we weren’t already doing that while we were watching tv.)

The Catalyst

But, I recently went to see Moonlight with a friend at a small, cheap theater in town. On a Tuesday. And I paid $1.75 for my ticket.

Like, what? Excuse me? I would pay $10 to see that. It’s all about Tuesdays. This was a game changer for my weekdays. And this game changer seemed like fairly common knowledge. My bad.

By the way, Moonlight was one of the best movies I have seen this year. Besides Kubo and the Two Strings that is. But more about that in a different post.

Raise Your Own Awareness

I propose that we don’t wait for the weekend to enjoy the opportunities available to us. Here are a few steps you can take today:

  • Look up your local theaters, small and indie to the large blockbuster types, and Google around to find special screenings or events at museums or film fests near you.
  • Note the days that are designated discount days. Tuesdays are pretty common.
  • Note the times that are designated as “early bird” discount times.
  • If you’re a student, check to see if they accept student ids to receive a discount.
  • Make a list of all upcoming movies and their theater release dates. Which ones would you be excited to see?

And lastly, grab your spouse or group of friends after work or school and enjoy your Tuesday with some quality artwork that talented people made just for you.

The Future

So, there. You save some mulah, and you spice up your weekdays. Seems pretty good to me.

Leave your thoughts about weekday dates in the comments below!

I’ll surely be adding more Weekday Date Ideas to the blog. Also, check back soon for my favorite movies, tv shows, and documentaries of 2016!




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