10 Things to Try in 2017: The “New” New Year’s Resolutions

The Deal with Resolutions

Usually my New Year’s resolutions are pretty self-centered: “exercise more often,” “eat healthier,” “worry less.” And they’re often vague, no steps to achieve the thing. Sometimes the thing may even take a lifetime to really learn.

Resolutions often reflect the person we wish we were rather than reflect how we can be be more whole selves.

Make a Things to Try List

So instead, this year I’m choosing to make a Things to Try List. (I got the inspiration from the blog Yes and Yes.) I’m choosing ten things to try in 2017 that are achievable, aim to be inclusive, and are related to the things I’m passionate about, rather than being exclusively about me.

My List

Join a literary thing in the community: workshops, volunteerships, internships, or attending readings or lit fests.

Get involved in a women’s group: a bible study or a creative group.

Run a 5k for a good reason, recruit people to join me.

Take a yoga class, learn how to relieve stress and build strength. I am such a weakling.

Take a pottery class. Spin that wheel!

Go camping. We bought the equipment at the beginning of summer but haven’t had a chance to try the tent, outside of our living room.

Throw a themed party.

Learn how to make good coffee. I’m not sure that I really know what coffee should taste like.

Learn how to eat seasonally.

Continually, like everyday, give my worries and anxiety to God. This one will take a lifetime, but I hope to me more aware of my brain and how it works.

Find Your People

As my husband and I look to move in May, it’ll cause me to seek new friends and accomplices. The list can be an easy way to invite people over or have a casual get-together, too. By knowing what you’re passionate about, you’ll probably be able to find people like you, doing those similar things.


What are some of the things you want to try? What would your list look like for 2017?


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