Best Podcasts of 2016

This is mostly a short list because I don’t listen to podcasts very often.

But when I do, I binge pretty hard.

My Favorite Murder

Sounds pretty dark, but this podcast has caused me to LOL obscenely. The show is hosted by two women in an LA apartment. What I enjoy most are their reactions to the murder details as well as their pointed commentary on society and culture today.

And they often talk about murder-survivor stories that sound like something out of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus.

Karen and Georgia don’t laugh at these murders or make light of them necessarily, but by talking about the prevalence of murder, among other issues, they reveal the darkest parts of humanity, like how people can actually do something grotesque to someone or someone’s, multiple.

I listened to about 40 episodes in two weeks. Yea, obsessed. Fascinated.

The Minimalists

I struggle very much with materialism. I want my outsides to look how I want to feel. So, listening to this podcast has been a great daily reminder to get my heart straight and that my heart and my relationships, not my possessions, are the things that actually matter.

Hosted by two ex-corporate dudes who redefined their identities, the podcast is part of the “brand” of The Minimalists. On the podcast, they share bits of essays and answer audience questions on a slew of topics.

I find myself taking hold of parts of the minimalist living philosophy. I’ve been trying to take it on gradually. I’ll share more on this in later posts, for sure. Every episode I listen to is another fresh reminder about how to live a meaningful life, refocusing my attention on people rather than objects.

Come Back Soon

Check back soon to hear more about my attempts at minimalism and what that means for our family. And seriously, poke around and find the podcast that interests or entertains you!

Leave the name of your favorite podcasts in the comments!


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  1. Started listening to My Favorite Murder. Tom was like “this is messed up.” I was like “duh.” My favorite podcast will probably always be A Way With Words because I’m a nerd.


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