Why I’m Switching to Paper

I dedicate an unfair amount of time to my phone. Yes, I do know which social media platforms are for me (Instagram and Pinterest), and I do know which social media platforms are not my style (Twitter and Facebook). I stick to my two favorite tools.

But I use much of my time curating and re-curating ideas. I think about what we should eat for dinner this week. I scroll through my pins. I pick out dinner. I re-scroll to find the ingredients the next day. I re-scroll when it’s time to make the thing.

It’s not as accessible as I believe the process to be.

The Reason

I have decided to use my time for other important things, like praying or listening to hymns. I have decided to go wireless in this area of my life, the inevitable curating part.

I have a recipe box that, in the past, I’ve used as a date idea box. Each recipe is a date, so cute, right? But we never used it.

Now, I’m writing down my most often used recipes like peanut butter pie and clean-eating chili. I plan to write down seasonal foods, a card for each month. I plan to write down those neat tips for home remedies.

On a separate list, I may write down items I’d like to buy for our apartment, to gradually improve the warmth of our home – common ideas I see throughout all of my pins and hearts on social media, making social media more relevant to my life. (Somehow social media has become me making my life more relevant for others.)

Your Turn

Are there areas of life, or processes you’ve kept to, that just aren’t working? Do you find yourself too tied to your phone, although it’s a great tool? What tools do you find useful and not-so-useful on your phone?

Leave your thoughts down in the comments!



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