The Bible and Feminism Series

I can see the next chapter in high school history textbooks: the marches, the protests, the policies, the voices and writers, the scandals. I can picture a whole section on feminism, and the photo they will use will be from The Women’s March that occurred this January.

And I have become curious. I am a feminist, equality with men. I am a Christian, in a world that’s hung up on the word “submission.” How does feminism intersect with the Bible? What does this mean for my marriage? What does this mean for how I walk in life?

I hope to start going through the Bible this summer, (grad school, am I right?), to reflect on the stories we are given in that book. How are women portrayed? How are woman portrayed in marriage? What bearing does context have on our identity?

And of course I know that men helped to form the Bible, but I believe that God has given us the picture he wants us to see, the stories he wants us to hear. I’m excited to hear the whole story, the gaps, our blurred vision cured.


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  1. I think this is an important and worthwhile thing to study and think about, and I would be excited to follow along with you. I just finished reading “A Woman’s Place” by Katelyn Beaty, which touches on some of this, and she had some interesting and encouraging and thought-provoking things to say.

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