Track Changes: Week 4

The Beautiful Things

The song Away by Trace, mix of something and M83.

Popsicles after reading Zadie Smith’s essay “Joy.”

Playing a weird game with Mark where I’d stick my bookmark into his mouth and he’d try to bite it. He never won.

FaceTiming with Bekah.

Deciding to not finish a book, how freeing choices can be. That we get a choice at all.

Reading Sirens by Joshua Mohr instead.

Prickly Pear and Orange Sanpellegrino, searching for a prickly pear drink I remember buying from the store at Tarkington while at Purdue, exclusively on the shelf 2010-2011. Green bottle, black cap. I can’t find it anywhere.

The movie Lion and sibling stories, stories that make you cry ten minutes in and then until the end.

Teaching a diverse class of students, trying to discuss gender and feminist issues in academia. Trying be the key word.

This post by Tapestry on slow fashion.

This cake I want to make next week from I Bake He Shoots. This was also one of the only times I’ve read the writing before getting to the recipe. The voice is so good!

Train sounds coming through a cold open window in the morning.

The Growing Things

  • I was doing well without Pinterest and Instagram before 11pm, so I hope to be better at that this week. I want to add to this though, change my bedtime habits to include a round of yoga or just decompression. I tried yoga for like ten minutes the other night and I felt far less stressed and overwhelmed.
  • I’d also like to make the most of my day, and I enjoy the early mornings. I will attempt to get out of bed by 7am everyday, which means being in bed by 11pm. We’ll see. Ultimately this won’t solve my stress problem, only focusing on God can do that.
  • Less thinking about stuff, in general. Not even stuff I want to buy necessarily but the stuff I already have. Keep it, get rid of it, rearranging it, cleaning it, how to pack it, when to start packing it for our move on the horizon.
  • I’d also like to put people before productivity. This week I shirked time with Mark because I wanted to be productive, and that seems weird/bad. If I am presented the opportunity to have time with people, I want to choose people.


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