What You Can Do For America

I’m collecting my thoughts, rounding them up from their scattered corners.

This new administration has me thinking about the way I live my life, how I show what is important to me, what is important to God.

So, I guess that’s one good thing to come from all of this.

I saw that this administration wants to pull funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. This year is the 50th anniversary of the conference AWP, Association of Writers and Writing Programs. I, along with thousands of others, will be in Washington D.C. in a few weeks to discuss writing and the arts today in our current context. Writers of diverse cultures, races, backgrounds, and stories will be present.

This will be awkward for Washington D.C.

But besides this one situation, I’m wondering about the other policies that will be put into place. Or attempted to be put into place.

What can we do as individuals?

  • About how we can contribute less to climate change? Maybe we start with the documentaries, maybe we team up with non profit groups in the area, maybe we learn about the environment itself. Maybe we learn what watersheds actually are. Maybe we commit more to recycling, maybe we investigate the realities of recycling. Maybe we buy more fruits and vegetables, fewer boxed and plastic wrapped goods.
  • About how we affect people? Maybe we become involved in our community, team up with a social services group. Maybe we walk the sidewalks rather than drive our car. Maybe we reflect on our ways of living, how our ways and choices impact the people who make our goods, who provide our services. Maybe we see a greater need and desire for Christ. Maybe we look people in the eye more.
  • About how to be present and conscious in this time? Maybe we find and bookmark credible news sources rather than get our news from our Facebook feed. Maybe we shouldn’t stick our heads in the sand because the news is too painful to hear. Maybe we learn who our representatives are and focus on local change, start building up the administrations of the future.
  • About how we teach our students? Maybe our purpose is more than to teach the writing process, what a comma splice is. Maybe we should discuss privilege, credible news, the importance of our choices. what qualities we look for in our leaders. Maybe we should introduce those concepts into a safe classroom environment. Maybe we should create a safe classroom environment, but maybe it shouldn’t exactly be comfortable. Maybe we aren’t meant to offer a comfortable education.

These are my thoughts, or my questions, for the time being. I’m finding that I’m becoming angrier at the one who fools the world, the one who whispers into our ear that everything is okay, that I am the center of the world, that the color of my duvet absolutely matters, that supporting a company who hurts people is okay because the prices of the products are cheap.

Some things are not okay, and maybe it’s just the the little unsung rebel in me who wants to fight the man or maybe it’s God showing me his heart.


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