Weekday Date Series: Go Drink a Margarita

So you’re on the couch on a Monday night, watching the latest show on Netflix. Usually, you may save hanging out for the weekends. You may just see your friends in your place of work or at school.

But what if you all agreed to the pursuit of finding cheap, happy hour, special priced margaritas? What if you explored your city or town, went to every Mexican restaurant for chips and salsa and maybe some queso? What if you got to know your own neighborhood? What specials were what and where and when? What could this knowledge and adventure do for your friendships? For your marriage?

Date Night Margaritas

This past week my friends, my husband, and I went to a Mexican restaurant during a cancelled workshop class on Monday night. The margaritas were buy one, get on free.

That’s about 24-32 oz of margarita for about $5, people! And we couldn’t find this information online or on Yelp! (Although you can probably call the restaurant and ask, but where’s the fun in that?)

Let’s be honest. We all like to not spend a whole lot of money on fancy drinks at restaurants. But finding the deal is part of the fun.


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