9 Relaxing Bedtime Rituals

We live in an age of stress, busyness, and the mentality of more: more work, more time, more connections. But it seems to drain us, drain our minds and our spirits.

I think we all need to calm down for just a hot second and remember that we are humans on Earth for a finite time. That being said, here are a few relaxing habits or rituals I do before letting my head hit the pillow:

  • I spray this concoction onto our pillows every night about a half-hour before bed. It includes lavender essential oil to help relieve stress and get us into a relaxed mood.


  • These days before I get into bed, I do a round of yoga stretches to wind myself down. I find it’s a nice transition from tidying up the apartment to actually getting into bed to rest.



  • I drink some water! But that’s probably because our bedroom gets too dang dry at night but we don’t have money for a nice humidifier.


  • I lather on the chapstick. Surprisingly no lavender here. Lavender seems to be the key word.


  • If I remember, I lotion-up my arms, back, and legs with Burts Bee’s body lotion. Again, that sensitive skin! That dry bedroom!


  • One rule I’ve been attempting to add into my bedtime routine: no social media. I want our bed itself to be a place of rest. I hope once we get a place bigger than 400 sq ft that we can make our bedroom totally electronics free. I’d love to buy an old timey alarm clock.


  • I also make sure to have the coffee pot set and the dishes cleaned. I find it best to start the day fresh!


  • If there is time to spare, or if I’m still pretty alive, I’ll pick up a book off our night stand. And it’ll be a book from Two Dollar Radio, so I know I will actually enjoy it.


What are some of your bedtime rituals? Do you have any bedtime habits you’d like to see changed?




  1. I love these rituals. I would like to introduce a few of these into my daily practice.. especially the Lotion and yoga stretching. Some before bed rituals I like to keep are tidying up my room before bed, reading a book, and putting a little bit of tea tree oil on my temples. After I turn my light out I do a breathing exercise that helps me calm down and fall asleep. Have you heard of the 4-7-8 breath? I it has been shown to effectively calm your nervous system so you can fall asleep quickly. Breath in for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and breathe out for eight. I usually do this four times.. some times I take it into a breath meditation too.
    I think it’s funny you mention getting an old fashioned alarm clock. I bought one in the beginning of January, because I wanted to replace my cell phone in the bedroom.

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