Track Changes: Week 5

The Beautiful Things

  • Deep cleaning, washing things by hand and air drying them.
  • Margaritas on a Monday.
  • Mark laughing while playing video games with two pals.
  • Feeling that spring is near, the quality of the air.
  • Questioning if things will actually get “better” after graduation.
  • Watching 10 Things I Hate About You with Mark.
  • Purdue beating Maryland in basketball, wondering about justice.
  • Hazelnut macchiato creamer.
  • Mark going through a Spotify playlist that focuses on German curse words. Him laughing at himself.

The Growing Things

How do I cope with the world when things don’t go my way or when I have freedom to do what I wish with my time?

  • I hop onto Pinterest to find more recipes, to discover the things that I’ve missed. Those things aren’t essential. Those things are just more.
  • I hop onto the internet to look for jobs or internships I might have missed. The opportunities at hand are also enough. Maybe I don’t trust God to provide me with the work I need, so I continually look for more.
  • When things don’t go my way, I paralyze myself and lie still, just not thinking about anything. Maybe I can be more active during the times things don’t go my way: talk to God, pray for change.
  • When I’m stressed about a project, I consume myself with another project.
  • When I’m stressed I also take on household chores. I tell myself that I need to do the dishes every night even though I could ask my husband to help me.



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