Track Changes: Week 6

The Beautiful Things

  • Mark surprising me with pizza after my night class. Him asking me what I wanted for dinner on the way home, me being okay with something average like a cold sandwich. Him parking our car in the lot and pulling a pizza out of the backseat.
  • Being frustrated at Mark when he scrolls through Netflix but doesn’t really choose anything for us to watch.
  • Jalapeno dip.
  • Slow paced errands, slower steps from point A to point B.
  • Finding an alley of snowflake decorations in downtown Washington DC.
  • The feeling of desperately wanting to be home already.
  • The tunnel between the East and West buildings of the National Gallery of Art, the tube of time travel lights and a moving walk-way.
  • Knowing that our bodies will fail us one day, that our teeth may fall out from periodontal disease or that we’ll lose a limb or that we may go blind.
  • Coming home to a vase of flowers and a lit candle.

The Growing Things

  1. Place health before stress. Use exercise as a tool to combat stress and anxiety.
  2. Hold onto healthier habits and food choices. Go for the yogurt and hemp seed.
  3. Pray for bold, specific things.
  4. Reserve time for God in the mundane.

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