Track Changes: Week 8

The Beautiful Things

  • Seeing results of prayer. Believing in the outcome even if the outcome is a week away.
  • The smell of Bath and Body Works’s Lavender and Vanilla aromatherapy products.
  • Running a few days in a row and thinking that I will keep doing this.
  • A new bottle of perfume.
  • A velvet dress, even though Mark absolutely despises velvet.
  • Giving up my dream of having a velvet couch because Mark won’t be able to stand it.
  • An iced chai.
  • Realizing all of these things above are mostly material things.
  • Job interviews and possibilities. Being stressed about the future not being concrete but loving that we may be happily surprised.
  • Not being able to cure Mark’s anxiety after he has thrown-up from that anxiety. Knowing we can’t really fix larger perception issues in us.
  • Weather that halts your everyday motions. Forced solitude.
  • Temple food, as seen in the new season of Chef’s Table.
  • Watching and hearing two of your friends read from their novel theses, hearing every word that their brains put into that particular order.
  • Listening to music just to listen to music. Watching music videos like I’m my old middle school self.
  • Finishing projects.

The Growing Things

For this week,

  • Open my Bible everyday. Get it out of the drawer.
  • Keep praying for big things, but don’t treat my prayers like an argumentative essay.
  • Make the healthier decisions.

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