Track Changes: Week 10

The Beautiful Things

  • Changes across the surface of Earth during a three hour plane flight.
  • Mark bringing me a popsicle and a glass of wine when I was stressed.
  • Tar pits. Old bird bones.
  • The Getty Museum, the buildings and landscape.
  • The magical-ness of Los Angeles, the Warner Bros lots.
  • A pitcher of margaritas.
  • Trying pho, despite the soy sauce ingredient.
  • The point where you have to pee so badly that you pray God will hold your tiny bladder in his hands and everything will be okay.
  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where things are made that go into actual outer space.
  • The many colors of the ocean.

The Growing Things

For this week,

  1. Give up my time and control of my time. Time is not mine.

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