Track Changes: Week 11

The Beautiful Things

  • The feeling that you know a city decently well.
  • Honey lattes.
  • The sound of the wind through the trees.
  • Being so exhausted that you feel like crying during your night class, and knowing that you’re not finding the rest you need. That rest lies in other areas of life, other ways.
  • Handing the reigns of a position over to someone else.
  • Staying up late on a weeknight to watch a movie.
  • Watching a tv show with a relative and seeing when they laugh and what they laugh at.
  • The scent of lavender.

The Growing Things

For this week,

  1. Divert conversations away from just talking about stress and money. Wonder about the underlying things and reasons. Be curious about people’s hearts.
  2. Exercise as a form of rest. Bring back those healthy habits.

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