Track Changes: Week 12

The Beautiful Things

  • Brunch and a book store with friends.
  • Discovering a new song and becoming obsessed.
  • Knowing that when you make a to-do list you will become more stressed, but you do it anyway and you’re surprised at the results, aka your stress meltdown.
  • Planning for others to visit you.
  • Baking a new recipe and it turns out okay.
  • When your husband is encouraging and he bundles you up into a ball on his chest. Because that actually helps you calm down.
  • The smell of banana-something in the oven.
  • A reorganized pantry.
  • A mug that is speckled like a bird’s egg.
  • Your husband’s successes and victories. Like a second job interview.
  • Learning how to speak basketball to enjoy time with your husband.
  • Doing the Loving Husband Act of the Day (LHAD) challenge with a friend, and realizing that yes, your husband does show you love. Not through a bouquet but in other ways.

The Growing Things

For this week,

  1.  Keep the end in mind.
  2. Enjoy each task I take on.

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