Track Changes: Week 14

The Beautiful Things

  • Fruit pizza.
  • Playing a card game with your parents.
  • Reaching the end of the calendar’s month.
  • Blow-Pops.
  • Wearing overalls.
  • A new hairstyle.
  • An old leather jacket that now may fit your style.
  • When your husband hints at taking you to get a gluten-free cupcake this week.
  • When your husband gets up early in the morning to finish reading a project you’ve been working on, even though he doesn’t like to read.
  • When your parents visit your apartment after dropping you off three years earlier.
  • A dry-erase unicorn on a classroom whiteboard.

The Growing Things

For this week,

  1. Start running again.
  2. Start reading again.
  3. Start slowing down each day.

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