The List: Week 16

Beautiful Things

  • Cringe-worthy humor by Ricky Gervais, mostly his show Extras
  • Floor-length dresses
  • Princess sleeves
  • When you style your hair and it works
  • Berry La Croix that kind of tastes like cotton candy
  • The art, by Sarah Gerard, in Blue Earth Review
  • Daydreaming of starting a writing collective and reading series in the Cities
  • Collecting details for the next writing project
  • Receiving a gift card whose amount is far more than expected
  • Not doing homework for three days in a row
  • Psalms. In the Bible.
  • Knowing one day I will eat gluten-free carrot cake
  • Making plans with your husband, even if they’re plans about money
  • When your creative non-fiction workshop goes decently and it’s helpful
  • Enjoying yoga, feeling stronger, taking up space
  • Planning future visits from friends and family to our new apartment
  • Signing a lease on a place
  • A realistic, usable Pinterest board
  • Your husband’s love for Gordon Ramsay beef wellington videos on YouTube
  • Picking out the books you want to read and pick up from the library
  • Being part of a publication team

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