The List: Week 17

Beautiful Things

  • Swollen fingers and achy shoulders because you packed boxes too heavily
  • Cancelling the last class of the semester as a surprise
  • Chick-fil-A sauce
  • Not having internet for two days
  • Friends who lift heavy things for you
  • Giving away some of your belongings
  • How your old apartment feels like a bad hotel room
  • When you and your husband laugh when your communication fails for the third or fourth time in a single day
  • Spine massages
  • The smell of lavender and vanilla
  • A bookshelf that can hold all your books, which you didn’t think was possible
  • Sharing a Cold Stone peanut butter chocolate ice cream
  • Pulled pork and pepper jack nachos
  • A sale on items you actually want
  • Being in a vehicle with all your stuff, barreling down the highway
  • Finishing the last workshop of your MFA career
  • Choosing the books you want from an indie book store with a $90 gift card from Scholastic for being a juror
  • Matte lipstick
  • The last Writers Bloc reading series event of the season
  • Brainstorming ideas about starting a writers’ collective

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