The List: Week 18

  • Realizing you have more of a nurturing feeling towards a cat’s cries than a baby’s cries
  • Making your first meatloaf
  • Reading for fun
  • Exploring the Whole Foods
  • Watching funny flight simulator videos on YouTube for an hour +
  • Realizing there’s a Target three minutes away by car
  • Finding a church you’ll likely make your home church
  • When your husband picks out a new bible study for you both to do together
  • The final touches on unpacking your apartment
  • Seeing your friends in their graduation robe-outfit-things
  • Submitting final grades
  • Receiving a job rejection email and knowing that not being accepted means there is a better position prepared for you somewhere else
  • Thinking that you’d do well working at this particular Target because you might be the happiest person working there, and that’s saying something
  • Creating a list of places to explore and some to explore on your own
  • Sleeping on a double cot in your old apartment, watching Cops
  • Finding a gluten-free cupcake in Mankato, MN
  • The Bee’s Knees at Coffee Hag in Mankato, MN
  • Trying a new combo in your wardrobe
  • Freedom from school obligations and the university environment, realizing you have been in school for 20 years of your 25 year life. The last time you were this free was when you were 5 years old.

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