Art Editor for Hire

When I was an intern for Sycamore Review, the literary journal out of Purdue University, I was allowed to find artists to publish on the cover and interior of the journal.

And I realized that I quite enjoy that search and discovery, the solicitous email that may or may not get a response from the artist. The placement of the logo on the cover. What the back cover will look like as well as the spine. The order of the interior images. Collecting the images and the bio and artist statement from the artist so the reader is fully introduced.

I also realized that I gravitate towards darker covers. Maybe that’s not a surprise to you.

Then, in grad school, I basically asked for an art editor position to be created for Blue Earth Review so I could continue doing this stuff. Now that I’ve graduated, it’s sad to let this work go.

I’ve had the joy of publishing the following artists:

  • Lee Jeffries
  • Marcel Christ
  • Pat Perry
  • Leslie Barlow
  • Kim Keever
  • W. Jack Savage
  • Martinho Dias
  • Mehwish Iqbal
  • Sarah Gerard

Here are a few images of the issues I’ve helped with over the past five years.

Sycamore Review Covers
Blue Earth Review Covers
My Portfolio of Work as Art Editor

If you know of anyone or any journals looking for an art editor to help with cover and/or interior images for publication, I’d love to join the team! Send me a note here or message me on Instagram.


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