The List: Week 19

  • The DVS experience
  • Choosing plants, growing strawberries on your balcony
  • When your gluten-free hamburger bun falls apart and you have to chuck small bits of it onto your plate in frustration, like fine, I’ll just make this a lettuce-wrapped hamburger on the fly then.
  • Perfume Genius’s new album
  • Exercising at the same time and in the same place as your husband while you watch Shark Tank and basically judge people and their ideas
  • Going to church even though you could’ve easily used the excuse
  • The last two bullets juxtaposed
  • Creating things you didn’t know you could create, like a map locations in Google Maps
  • Chai from Dunn Bros, and it’s cheap
  • Learning about how we impact our landscape, and working at Metro Blooms/Blue Thumb. Environmental literacy. Realizing that there is a lot you do not know.
  • When you make lunch for your husband because it’ll really help him out, not because you feel obligated to.
  • Having a conversation about what type of work you are suited for or may best match your personality and strengths: the 8-5, work from home, own your own business
  • Reading for fun
  • Writing flash that probably isn’t good
  • Master of None, Season 2
  • Exploring a place on your own

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