My Poetry: An Aesthetic Snapshot

I thought I’d share more of the things I’ve done with creative writing. I am a writer and I do often now write about more spiritual stuff, but usually what I write creatively is pretty dark and weird, not very christian-esque at all.

But more on that in a post coming soon!

So I wrote a poem, once. And usually I don’t write “spiritual” kinds of poems, but this one kind of took on the language of biblical writings. I feel like this was a trend in my writing in undergrad too. I often did ekphrastic poems and stayed tight with the omniscient perspective in my fiction classes.

But again, my stuff feels a lot different now.

Profane’s issues are all available online for free, with audio too! So check out the Winter 2015 issue here. And I recommend my MFA classmate, Dennis Scott Herbert, who was published in this issue too.


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