The List: Week 20

  • Turning 25
  • When your husband makes you a card
  • Using your balcony as your office
  • When your birthday gift is a house plant
  • Gifts in the mail from Germany
  • Pizza and La La Land
  • Thinking you read the gelato title as Vanilla Chai, but really it’s just Vanilla Bean like usual. That’s just how much you hope things are chai flavored.
  • Picking out the next book to read
  • Remembering you like Bombay Bicycle Club
  • The moment where you go, Wow. My husband really loves me.
  • When Menards is the last straw in your frustration volcano
  • Realizing that you may be too sensitive and too hyper aware of others to be an adult
  • When your husband reveals a memory about his strategy in asking you out on your first date
  • John Oliver videos and getting educated
  • When you’re able to spend almost a whole week with family that you don’t get to see often
  • Mercy Ships NatGeo documentary
  • Telling stories about growing up
  • When you really like your job
  • Fruit from Whole Foods
  • Finding macarons at Whole Foods
  • Discovering a new part of a building, finding the unexpected around the corner
  • Taking a break from social media and posting
  • A baseball game that goes into overtime and then your team wins
  • Hot cocoa at a late spring baseball game
  • Playing the day by ear
  • Realizing you really like the Japanese exhibits and galleries at art museums

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