The List: Week 21

  • When an outsider knows that your friend group is saying goodbye to each other
  • Exploring random, unforeseen places in a town you’ve lived in for 3 years
  • Handwritten and hand-typed letters from friends that are sentimental in nature
  • Not setting an alarm to help you wake up
  • When you haven’t lived somewhere for even a month and your husband is already thinking about where you want to move to in 5-7 years. Hello, Columbus, OH?
  • That first awkward smile photo when you and your friends take photos of each other on purpose, collectively, and you have no idea how to model and you’re unsure of your confidence
  • Using your french press for the first time in a long time
  • Realizing you may be addicted to caffeine, and knowing that drinking caffeine + being stressed does ruin the powers of your esophagus
  • Summer hats
  • Tiny green strawberries on a vine
  • When you think you want to go platinum blonde, just to see if it looks cool
  • Embroidered sleeves on a dress
  • Patterned walls
  • Leaving a love note for your husband for when he gets off work and you’re not home
  • When an UNO game ends far too quickly, when UNO gets cut-throat

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