What I’m Learning as a Conservation Employee

While adjusting to this new post-grad school life in a new city, I’ve been interning with Metro Blooms. I never thought I’d end up in the conservation/environmental sector, but I am glad this door was opened, basically the only door, and I’m able to learn so much about things I’ve never thought about before, while writing and doing work that I enjoy.

For example, here are a few terms I’ve learned about recently:

  • Raingardens
  • Alternative Turf
  • Bee Lawns
  • Pollinators, Corridors, and Native Plants
  • Watershed Districts
  • Master Water Stewards
  • Master Gardeners
  • Runoff and Stormwater Management

Sure, I learned about things like erosion in middle school, soon before or after we had to take care of the little crabs, but this is where necessity meets practicality.

Through my work, I was asked to attend one of their Resilient Yards workshops and write a piece about the experience. To read that piece and more about my crises, what I’m learning, click here.


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