The List: Week 22

  • Buying new towels, getting rid of towels that smell like onions for some reason
  • Seeing that your plants on the balcony are so dead
  • Romper pajamas
  • Finally learning something that you’ve always wanted to learn, like social media content management through Hootsuite
  • Catching up with friends
  • Eating a salad for the first time in months
  • The Keepers on Netflix, huge bummer and outrage
  • Discovering new music on Spotify
  • Not planning your personal life. And to some extent your professional life.
  • Being really basic and putting a real lemon wedge in your water bottle.
  • This lasagna from Damn Delicious
  • Eucalyptus branches, stems?, from Trader Joe’s
  • Submitting micro fiction to a literary magazine
  • When you accidentally get your gifts from friends mixed up, adding to the fact that people often confuse the two of them already
  • The desire to take a picture of every flower and rose bush you walk by
  • Being upset when your day doesn’t go as planned, but then those plans happen the next day anyway.
  • When you and your husband both don’t like hot weather
  • Budgeting for new boots

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