You and Me Forever: The Forever

“Life ends quickly, then comes forever.” What a sad and terrifying thought.

My husband and I began a bible study on marriage, the Francis and Lisa Chan study based on their book You and Me Forever. You can find the videos for the study here. (We didn’t actually read the book.) The study is 7 episodes that reflect on what marriage means and what it is from a few different lenses.

This first episode is Marriage in Light of God’s Glory. Naturally we begin with establishing that eternal perspective, that life ends quickly, then comes forever.

But to pause on that for a second: This actually makes me really sad. Honestly, I probably think about my husband dying way too often. I started listening to the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast, and the beginning episodes made me want to cry every 10 seconds. My eyes water just thinking about the topic.

Maybe I have too much of an eternal perspective. Or too much of a death perspective, the perspective that asks how will I function. How will I go on.

If life does end quickly, then I want to be reminded that I want to love my best friend and partner in marriage, in life, as best and fully as I can. I want the life perspective, the freedom perspective. The forever perspective.

Give, give, give until I’m gone.

Also when thinking about eternal perspective in marriage, not the selfish death perspective my brain gravitates toward, Francis and Lisa Chan make a point of relating this perspective to our everyday lives: We do struggle with busyness.

How can I keep my marriage full and alive, how can I give until I’m gone, when I’m drained by the end of the day, after filling my time with things I need to do and think I need to do?

We can fight for peace and stillness in random places. We can center ourselves. We can create spaces for God to fill with his glory everyday. We can create a space in our car, in our bathrooms, at a McDonalds, in our closets.

We are free to be weird like that.

We can also remember who we’re talking to when we pray, not only when we pray for our partners but just pray in general. When we pray, we are in the presence of God. The real God.

Because then comes forever. Marriage is ultimately not about us but God’s glory. Marriage can be part of how people see God, which is a powerful responsibility.

Marriage can be the forever in our everyday.



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