The List: Week 23

Going to the grocery store in the AM

The Keepers documentary series on Netflix

The Babysitters Club Club podcast

Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast

Kathy Acker breaking expectations about what a book can be and look like; hybrid writing forms

Writing and reflecting for this blog, finally feeling like I have a sense of what this blog should be about

Really wanting to bleach your hair to a platinum blonde color

Walking to the library

Walking along on the sidewalk and then walking on through someone’s yard sprinklers on a hot day

Vibrant pink peonies

A car painted baby blue with clouds and unicorn dolls glued to its exterior. Knowing that that car embodies the essence of how you want to live your life.

Forcing yourself to not wear makeup to two grocery stores and the library even when your face is having a reaction from your skin sensitivity problems

A home spa day and bentonite clay facial mask

When you wake up an hour late on a work day and you need to rush around but one of your legs is very asleep

Sharing your story, even if some people may think your story was all fabricated by your brain

Choosing the organic lemons

Googling “what does real ginger look like?”

The Immaculate brand’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Giving your husband a detoxing foot mask, washing his feet (mostly because his feet are sweaty and he puts them on your arms when you’re sitting on the couch. and because you love him)

A new Sufjan album

Telling your husband that a reason you are upset right now, legitimately, is because you don’t think he believes in the “power of berries.”

A spontaneous trip to Dairy Queen with your husband/best friend for a Blizzard dinner after a thunderstorm



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