The List: Week 25

Baby Geisha, stories by Trinie Dalton published by Two Dollar Radio

Daydreaming about who your character will be, her life story

Peppermint tea

When your husband brings home a Milky Way bar for you

A pink phone

A new linen dress that cost you $2

Walking to the library

Reading for work

When you finally decide on what your haircut will be

Starting over on what podcasts you subscribe to and want to listen to in the future – clean slates


Music by The Japanese House

When you want to realize that you have never actually heard the song Purple Rain

Food Truck Festivals

A visit from a friend

When you watch your husband be really nice and loving to strangers, and that’s just who he is

Too many carrot cake cupcakes

Tater tot nachos

Eating paella for the first time

For once, being okay while moving through a thick crowd


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