The List: Week 26

We’re halfway through the year! And I’m kind of honestly surprised at myself that I’ve created one of these lists every week (except for the first week of the year, before I got the idea to do this). Some weeks have had better lists than others, defining the sweet and sour moments of life. Some weeks have definitely been more materialistic in nature.

But going forward, I want to get back to those sweet and sour moments.

  • When you slowly add a self-banned food back into your diet
  • Stomping around in Doc Martens while visiting a very elite-feeling town by the water
  • Alleyway murals
  • Relieving yourself of an imaginary burden
  • When you’re applying to jobs and you get that feeling that you are actually qualified for it
  • Hawaiian bread for communion at church
  • Really pretty magazines that you can’t afford with your budget
  • Having the credit cards almost paid off, kicking debt in the teeth one month at a time
  • Roll-on essential oil called Unicorn
  • Visiting a new museum
  • When you come away from a trip knowing you’ve gotten some good pictures
  • Taking the time to learn something you’re interested in at work
  • Fancy grocery store sushi for a snack
  • When your mood doesn’t turn sour during a trip for no reason
  • Exploring a place by yourself
  • When you forget that you were upset at your husband when you wake up, but then you remember
  • The hope of open doors
  • Learning to pray again

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