Dear Survivor: A Jewelry Review

I had been on the lookout for “adult” earrings for a while. Now that I have a job in an office I thought it would be time to step up my game.

But I still wanted something that would pair well with my skull earrings, that stated I like dark things. I wanted my jewelry to feel one of a kind and make me feel unique, special.

I usually keep my jewelry choices pretty simple and minimal, things I wear everyday and I wear for months on end. My jewelry these days has consisted of my engagement and wedding rings, my silver nose hoop, my mood ring, my skull earrings, and the watch my husband gave me while we were dating, before I moved to Minnesota.

I found Dear Survivor on Instagram, and 1. fell in love with the crystals, the sparkles, their uniqueness, that they are ethically made, and their ragged nature and 2. respected their story and desire to give back some of their proceeds to organizations that work with survivors of trafficking.

I went with the Serpentine Cluster. And in the future, you can bet I’ll be buying more of their jewelry.



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