The List: Week 27

Fresh bed sheets

Cold rinse showers at night on a hot day; when the cold water hits the tops of your feet

Spontaneous home-made donuts

Zevia ginger ale

Exploring a new part of town; raspberry italian soda

Praying to not grow resentful

When your instagram account is disabled and you’re okay with it; realizing how attached you are to the most depressive social media platform

Your first real pizza after almost 5 years of being gluten-free; first pop-tart, first tortilla, first peanut butter and jelly

When your husband will not relent until you tell him what’s wrong

When you eat the bananas before they go bad

Creating a Minneapolis vintage store tour for you and a friend

Honest captions

When you feel lonely but your husband falls asleep before you can tell him

When your husband accidentally spoils the end of a graphic novel you’re reading

Chandeliers in a public library

When you want to go for a run but in the first five minutes your shorts start to slip off your body

Feeling like you’re effective at your job


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