The List: Week 28

Eating real donuts for the first time in years.

When your friend agrees to take photos of you eating your donut.


Learning how to pray again, day by day.


Giving kombucha another chance.

Healing your gut and body. Physically resting.

Pink glittery vinyl.

When you and your husband don’t feel well at the same time.

Short road trips.

Caring for a kitten with your husband, learning things together and working together.


Thunderstorms while camping in a tent.

Mosquito bites that turn into welts.

When you come home from a trip with something unexpected.

Meeting with friends at a new donut place.

When your husband takes the day off on a whim.

When you figure out how your city’s highway system is connected.

Being in a bad mood for a lot of reasons, then dropping those emotions when a kitten is put in your arms.

Seeing patience answered.

New bible reading habits.



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