25 Things to Do in Mankato, Minnesota

Driving through Mankato on your way to somewhere, go to school in Mankato already and don’t get off campus, or just visiting for the weekend?

I lived in Mankato for three years, so here’s a list of the things I enjoyed during my time there and around the southern Minnesota region.

All links go to an Instagram. I find making collections of places I want to visit to be really useful in the app!

Places to Eat and Drink

  1. Bluebird Cakery: Bluebird has pretty coffees and cupcakes, including gluten-free ones!
  2. Coffee Hag: I recommend getting the Bees Knees. They also have live music and community events.
  3. Fillin’ Station Coffeehouse
  4. WYSIWYG Juice Co.
  5. Blue Bricks
  6. Mazatlan: For the margaritas and salsa.
  7. Mom and Pop’s Ice Cream
  8. Bubble Tea at Asian One
  9. Number 4 American Bar and Kitchen: For a fancy night out.
  10. Tandem Bagels

Places to Visit, Hike, and Relax

  1. Sibley Park
  2. Minneopa State Park
  3. Seven Mile Creek County Park
  4. Land of Memories Park
  5. Rasmussen Woods
  6. Seppman Mill
  7. Riverfront Park
  8. Cine Grand Mankato 4 on Tuesdays
  9. Loose Moose Saloon Karaoke Nights
  10. The 410 Project: Community Art Space and Gallery

Things to Do Near Mankato

If you’ve got time for a day trip, to visit surrounding southern Minnesota areas, here are a handful of places that I’ve enjoyed.

  1. River Rock Coffee in St. Peter
  2. Linnaeus Arboretum in St. Peter
  3. Lola Bistro in New Ulm
  4. Nerstrand Big Woods State Park
  5. Rochester, Minnesota, but this will eventually be a post on its own.

What places did I miss? Add your notes in the comments!


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