MOCA Box OfficeThis is a compiled, and hopefully ongoing, list of my work that has made it out into the world.

  • “Workshop Reflections: What a Twentysomething Renter Learned”
    • Article appears on the Metro Blooms blog
  • “We arrive at the river”
  •  “Secondhand”
  • Weekly Reader Author Interviews
    • Interviews that have aired on KMSU 89.7 in Mankato, MN, and are available for streaming online.

    • Interviewees include Lisa Ciccarello, Vanessa Blakeslee, Brian Henry, Lincoln Michel, Norman Lock, Robert Lopez, Marisol Limon Martinez, Bianca Stone, Tana Jean Welch, Dave Reidy, Melissa Pritchard, and Patrick Wensink.

    • Publishers I’ve worked with include Black Ocean, Curbside Splendor Publishing, Coffee House Press, Bellevue Literary Press, Octopus Books, and Marsh Hawk Press.

  • Review of Kao Kalia Yang’s The Song Poet
  • Review of Zellar and Soth’s The House of Coates
  • “Black Dwarf”
    • Poem appears in Profane Issue 2
    • Includes audio reading and short interview
  • 7 poems in Purdue’s The Exponent
    • Appear in a winter special edition issue, 125.187
  • 4 poems in Purdue’s The Bell Tower
    • Appear in Issue 18

I’ve also been part of creating some journals as an art editor, web editor, summer flash fiction reader and poetry reader, and just plain fiction reader. Here are those issues:

For a complete list of all headlines, you can check out my portfolio site over here.