MOCA Box OfficeThis is a compiled, and hopefully ongoing, list of my work that has made it out into the world.

  • “Workshop Reflections: What a Twentysomething Renter Learned”
    • Article appears on the Metro Blooms blog
  • “We arrive at the river”
    • Poem appears as part of the Mankato Poetry Walk & Ride 2017
  •  “Secondhand”
  • Weekly Reader Author Interviews
    • Interviews that have aired on KMSU 89.7 in Mankato, MN, and are available for streaming online.

    • Interviewees include Lisa Ciccarello, Vanessa Blakeslee, Brian Henry, Lincoln Michel, Norman Lock, Robert Lopez, Marisol Limon Martinez, Bianca Stone, Tana Jean Welch, Dave Reidy, Melissa Pritchard, and Patrick Wensink.

    • Publishers I’ve worked with include Black Ocean, Curbside Splendor Publishing, Coffee House Press, Bellevue Literary Press, Octopus Books, and Marsh Hawk Press.

  • Review of Kao Kalia Yang’s The Song Poet
  • Review of Zellar and Soth’s The House of Coates
  • “Black Dwarf”
    • Poem appears in Profane Issue 2
    • Includes audio reading and short interview
  • 7 poems in Purdue’s The Exponent
    • Appear in a winter special edition issue, 125.187
  • 4 poems in Purdue’s The Bell Tower
    • Appear in Issue 18

For a complete list of all headlines, you can check out my portfolio site over here.