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cropped-img_0052Hello, I’m Selina, a twentysomething married christian woman and creative person learning how to survive the world.

Adulthood is overwhelming. I have recently graduated with my MFA in creative writing, started an internship, and moved to the Cities with my husband who has also graduated with his MBA and started a full-time job. This all happened in about a weekend.

And I have no idea what I’m doing.

But I’m trying to figure it out. I’m choosing a satisfying life.

And what I learn could be useful for you too.

I can help you slow down long enough to think about the important things in life that often get washed away by busyness, stress, and anxiety. I can help you pay attention to your beautiful, magical life.

The Story

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Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

When planning our wedding, I pictured myself with a bouquet of black peonies, not fully bloomed but beginning. These flowers do not really exist in nature, but I tell my husband that the ultimate gift would be a bouquet of these dark half-bloomed beauties.

The flower has come to symbolize everything I want, everything that I think will satisfy me, but will not fully receive here on earth.

But we are continually in the making, blooming from our darkness, and I’m learning how to walk through this season of life as a human-being, as someone who is often swept away by the expectations for women today.

My aim is to celebrate where my husband and I are at currently by choosing joy and living magically, letting go of hope for control and perfection. To keep blooming into my whole authentic self.

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You’ll likely see posts on this blog centered on what I’m learning about marriage, in bible study, and through living life. How I’m learning to rest and how I’m learning to rebel against expectations to create a new norm.

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Galaxy Floor at Como ConservatoryI invite you to walk alongside me as a co-clueless person.

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